Your ultimate football management experience where strategic skills can earn real money rewards. Dive into a world where every decision counts, from scouting talent to mastering training grounds.

// Features \\

Panenka X AI

What sets Panenka apart is its advanced AI game engine. Panenka uses the latest LLM technology for several game features.

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Optimize your football strategy with Panenka"s Tactics feature, offering formations like 4-4-2, 3-5-2, and 4-3-3 to outsmart your opponents.

// 2 \\


Improve your team with technical, physical, and tactical training to boost performance and win bigger prizes.

// 3 \\


Discover the next superstar with our advanced scouting feature, where finding players in Panenka means crafting the future of your club.

// 4 \\


Enhance your club"s stature with our stadium-building feature, transforming your venue into a fan fortress and rival battleground.

// 5 \\

Youth Academy

Establish a cutting-edge youth facility to nurture emerging talent, equipped with premium training pitches, tactical classrooms, and tailored fitness centers for aspiring athletes.

// 6 \\

Medical Center

Boost your team"s performance and reduce injury downtime with Panenka"s Medical Center. Build and upgrade a top-tier facility to ensure your player"s health and well-being.
Manage your own digital football club in a cutting-edge live multiplayer environment

Your personal football manager sandbox. Every choice, from your lineup to tactics, shapes your team’s journey. Live the football dream, season after season.


Panenka x Base L2

Panenka will run on Base, the fastest growing L2 blockchain developed by Coinbase.

  • Ethereum security
  • Lightning-fast transactions
  • Near-instantaneous gameplay
  • Easy player onboarding through coinbase smart wallet

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Panenka gives you complete ownership over your in-game football assets. Every player in your squad, scout, stadium, your $GRINTA … all your hard-earned assets are stored in your crypto wallet and will be tradeable on our marketplace!

real time aging

// 1 \\


Our crypto football marketplace lets you securely own, manage, and profit from virtual players. Powered by blockchain, every transaction is transparent and tamper-proof. Own your players with confidence.
real time aging

// 2 \\

Real-time aging

Experience player development in real-time as your football players mature, evolve their skills, and adapt their play styles. This dynamic aging process adds depth and strategy to your team management.
real time aging

// LEAGUE \\


Compete in the Panenka League and win big. The Panenka league consists of 5 different divisions based on your Elo rating. The higher the league, the bigger the money prizes you can win.

  • Novice Division
  • Rising Star Division
  • Pro Division
  • Master Division
  • Legendary Divison
real time aging

// 1 \\

Face real opponents

Seasons run for 8 weeks, featuring matches every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for consistent action and competition.

// 2 \\

Promote or relegate

The top teams each season gain promotion to the division above, with the bottom clubs being relegated to the division below

// 3 \\

Win Real Money Prizes

Performing well in the league can help you win real money prizes such as USDC, as well as in-game tokens.

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